Hohhot-Inner Mongolia Science & Technology Museum

When you think of China, Hohhot is probably not a city that pops into your mind. But don’t overlook it if you’re going to spend any length of time in China.

I spent a few days in Hohhot back in the spring of 2018 and wanted to share a little bit about my time there. I’m always excited to go see new cities, but this one had a little bit more to it. I liked that it would be kind of a combination of Mongolian culture and Chinese culture.

Hohhot is the capital city of the northern Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. I had read about its grasslands and camel rides and yurts, but unfortunately it was a bit too cold for me to enjoy those things during my visit. I decided to just concentrate on more of the city highlights. But a perfect excuse to go back again, right!?

Museum Area

Not really the formal name for this area, but I think the name is accurate enough! While in the car heading to my hotel, I passed what looked to be a fantastic place for photos. (Side note: if you’re in a moving vehicle and pass something that looks interesting to photograph, just take a quick phone photo so you will have the location saved.) I took my quick iPhone photo and waited to reach my hotel. Luckily I didn’t have to wait very long as my hotel was pretty much right beside the area.

I quickly checked in and dropped off my stuff in the hotel and then ran outside with my camera in hand. It was already pretty late, so I knew I would only have a short time before the sun would be setting. I at least wanted to try and get a few daytime shots though.

Turns out the area has quite a few cool places:
Inner Mongolia Museum
Inner Mongolia Science & Technology Museum
Inner Mongolia Wulan Theatre

For someone like me who likes architecture and lines and curves, it was like being a kid in a candy store. It was almost a bit overwhelming, since there appeared to be three or four buildings, in a large area. I knew I wouldn’t have time to see them all at this time, but at that point all I was concerned with was taking some pictures, so that’s what I did.

Walking a bit further away from the area, I walked toward the Wanda Plaza. Along the way, I spotted this man standing there and thought it would make for an interesting composition. I figured he would notice me and move away as he would think I was taking a picture of the building across the street, but he just stood there thankfully.

Hohhot-Man standing on street

At one point he turned around and looked at me and stood looking at me for a bit, but he eventually turned back around. I didn’t think I would have much time, but I wanted a cyclist to come by to add something a bit more interesting in the foreground. Some went by, but I ended up liking this one with the e-bike going by more.

Genghis Khan Park

I spent a bit of time exploring