Text Expander – More Basic Use Cases

Text Expander basic use cases

Welcome back, this is the second post in my series about Text Expander. If you haven’t already read the previous entries, please click here to see them all!

So now that you know the basics about what Text Expander is, let’s have a look at some more simple use cases, before moving on to more advanced ones in later posts.

Simple Use Cases

Email Addresses

The next basic thing I use Text Expander for is email addresses. I don’t know about you, but I have multiple addresses, and I’m typing them constantly. Ensuring you type them correctly is very important, you wouldn’t want to provide an incorrect email address to someone, so I've set up snippets for each of my addresses, so I always know they will be typed correctly.

Do you remember how easy it is to create a snippet? You can check the first post here or if you just want a quick reminder, see below.

Here I create a new snippet, so that ‘;je’ will become

Example of creating a new snippet

So now, for example, the next time I need to sign up for yet another email newsletter, I can do so much faster! It’s so fast that it’s hard to see in the little video below, but all I did was type ‘;je’ (without the quotes) and it expanded it to

Example of creating a new snippet

By the way, that’s the HackerYou mailing list in the example, you should definitely sign up for it so you’ll be notified about all the awesome courses they offer! And speaking of HackerYou, I type HackerYou so often that I made a snippet for that too.

Go ahead and create snippets for all of your email addresses.

Phone Numbers

Whether you have one phone number or multiple numbers, why not create a snippet for each of them?

Physical Addresses

Again, you may have only one, or you may also want to set up snippets for your personal and your work address. Or any address that you find yourself having to type out often.

Also, a little tip, I started to notice that websites often asked just for a postal code, so I created a snippet just for the postal code on its own as well.

Personal URLs

If you have a website or multiple sites, make snippets for all of them! I often find myself having to type, so i made ‘jsdc’ a snippet for that.

Oh, and if I need to add an http:// anywhere, I just type ‘h/‘ and I'm done! Bonus!

Social Media Links

How many times do you have to type your various social media links, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Another great use for snippets, for example:

;myfb becomes

;myin becomes


Sensitive Information

Some people hear of Text Expander and think, cool, I will use it for my passwords too. I definitely don’t recommend doing that though, for things like that I suggest a program called 1Password.

It’s a great program for generating unique and difficult passwords for all the websites you visit and for storing any other private information as well. Its other main feature is how easily it fills in web forms for you, like names, addresses, and credit card information. I will be writing about how to use 1Password in future blog posts.

Just The Beginning

These are just some basic examples of how Text Expander can help you be more productive and reduce typing mistakes. Before I start getting into more advanced uses of the program, and how I use it to help with my web development, I’ll have one more post with some general information, including snippet naming, using predefined groups, and notifications.

If you have any questions about Text Expander, please let me know in the comments below!

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