How To Quickly Lock Your Mac

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We all have so much important data stored on our computers, think of all the pictures, personal and work documents, emails, etc. that are on your computer right now. Even with all this data, I often notice people walk away from their Macs without locking the screen to prevent anyone from having access.

It’s great to have the computer automatically lock after a certain amount of time, but it’s more important than ever to be able to lock the computer on demand, whenever you want.

I’ve set up my computer so all I have to do is move my mouse to the upper right corner of the screen and right away the screen locks, and will require my password to get back into.

It’s easy to set this up, I’ll show you how!

Setting Up

First you will need to set up the Mac so it will ask for a password after a screen saver begins. To do this go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General. From there check the option to Require password and choose ‘immediately’ from the dropdown. If you need to set a password, you can do that here as well.

Show setting up password lock

Hot Corner

In order to start using your mouse to lock the screen you’ll need to do one more thing. Go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver then click on Hot Corners in the bottom right.

The four dropdowns in that next screen refer to the four corners of your display, so pick the one you want to use (I suggest upper right), and then select ‘Start Screen Saver’.

Click OK and you’re all set!

Show setting up hot corners

Getting It To Work

That’s all there is to it! Now whenever you want to very quickly lock your Mac, you can simply move your mouse to your hot corner.

Show initiating a screen saver lock

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  1. I just did it. ;p thank you! 🙂

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